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I am an expert at foot fetish sessions. As of mid 2018, I have sessioned with over 5,000 foot fetishists, including several dozen foreigners. I can move my toes flexibly and I can use them to squeeze strongly or softly.

How about experiencing my superb foot technique?


I have long toes and beautiful nails which I change the colour of every six weeks. My feet are 25 centimetres long from my heel to the tip of my big toe. My shoe size is 38.5. My feet are thin and skinny. You can easily see the veins and muscles. They tend to be a little dry so you have to lick them to moisturise them.


I’m waiting for foot fetishists to send me shoes that suit my beautiful feet! You can access my Amazon wishlist here.


I also enjoy martial arts sessions. I can torture you with chokes (triangle choke, rear naked choke, figure four leg lock, reverse triangle, bow and arrow choke etc.) , joint locks (straight armbar, kimura / figure four), holds (Boston crab, octopus hold, scarf hold, cobra twist) and ground fighting techniques. But, please understand that I am very small and absolutely cannot wrestle competitively. Please only use 20% of your strength against me. Also, I cannot lift or carry you. But please enjoy being choked between my legs until you almost pass out!

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