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2020 Travel Schedule


Happy New Year. It’s 2020. How is everyone this year?

I’m going to go on a lot of trips this year too.

My travel schedule is:

Important Note: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this schedule is likely to be subject to change.

January 28th to 31st - Niigata (with Mistress Chiaki

This is basically a holiday, but if anyone there would like to book a Double Legs session, please contact one of us.

February 9th to 12th - Osaka (Nanba or Umeda)

February 17th to 19th - Hong Kong (with Mistress Chiaki

March (exact dates TBA) - Fukuoka

April - Singapore/Malaysia

May (exact dates TBA) - Tottori, Shimane

May/June (TBC) - Germany

July (exact dates TBA) - Aichi (Nagoya)

August / September (exact dates TBA, but after the Olympics) - California / New York

October (TBC) - Hong Kong

November (TBC) - Singapore

If you’d like to meet me during one of the above trips, please get in touch.

Also, if you’re not in Tokyo but would like to meet me at another time or in another place, it is possible to sponsor me to visit you. This requires a minimum of a full day booking. Please contact me for the details.

Outside of the above dates though, I’ll usually be available for sessions in Tokyo. If you’d like to meet me either in Japan or overseas, please send an email to I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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